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Not sure if your dog needs training? Check out the warning signs.
Warning Signs
  1. Putting their mouth on people’s hands, clothes, legs etc. even in play
  2. Growling, snapping or baring teeth
  3. Biting
  4. Possessive over items or people: Guarding toys, food, owners, sleeping space or anything a dog has stolen
  5. Bursting through doors
  6. Running away. Not coming when called
  7. Chasing kids, bikes, joggers, etc.
  8. Showing overall lack of respect to owners
  9. Stealing items and running away with stolen item
  10. Out of control when taken on walks
  11. Uncontrollably jumping on people

Still not sure, let us evaluate your dog. We offer a specialized training program, which begins with a thorough evaluation of your dog’s problems. We then carefully design a specific plan to suit you and your dog. We are very experienced with virtually all dog problems, from basic house manners to aggression issues.

Training program options:

  • Boarding and Training $70 per night for one dog ($980 for two weeks)
  • Boarding and Training two dogs $126 per night ($1,764 for two weeks)
  • Private lesson at ACE $75 Away $125-$150
  • Group Classes $99

Dog Trainers and Care Takers Course: This course will include an in-depth study of training and tips on starting your own training business.

Boarding and training: Your dog stays with us while we do the training for you. We then train you on how to continue the training at home. Every dog is on its own training schedule according to what is determined during the evaluation.

With 2 or more weeks of Board and Train the “Lead or Be Led” book and 2 private lessons are included. One lesson to be scheduled at pick up and one within the following 2 weeks.

Private lessons: You will work with a trainer who will teach you how to train your dog. You will do most of the training at home and return for other lessons as needed. These lessons are scheduled at your convenience.

Classes: We offer a 6 week group class taught by a skilled and experienced trainer. You will meet once a week with a small group to learn how to teach your dog basic obedience. Check our calendar for class schedules.

New Class “Advanced Obedience” check out our calendar for dates and more information.

Training Supplies: We sell training supplies, books, videos and dog food. We only use the highest quality supplies, so that is what we sell. We also offer Nancy Baer’s informational books and videos.


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