In Home Trainers Course

In Home Trainers Course

Join people world wide who are now enjoying their new career training dogs! If your dream is to earn a living working with dogs, your dream can come true by taking one of our Dog Trainer Courses.

Option 1

Trainer Home Correspondence Course

Study in the comfort of your own home.

Newly revised!

You are completely on your own time schedule to begin and complete this course. While taking this course you are required to read all the books, watch all the video’s, work with ten different dogs and write a report on each one. When you complete the course and send in all 10 dog reports you receive your Dog Trainer Certificate.

You will have a professional instructor available by phone or email for any questions you may have.


“Puppies” DVD – Study a litter of puppies from the day they were born and begin the beginning of their training

“Dog Interaction” DVD – Watch and study how dogs play and communicate with each other

“Basic Obedience” DVD- Learn how to train basic obedience such as; sit, down, stand, stay, come, leave it, and no pulling on the leash

“Advanced Training” Video – Witness dogs searching for drugs, follow a track, perform in AKC competition and more

“Play Time with Your Canine” Video – Learn about agility, flyball, tricks, weight pulling, cart pulling, scent training, retrieving and more

“Leader of the Pack” DVD – compliments the Leader of the Pack book

“Choosing A Dog” Book – Learn about the different breed traits from a trainers point of view

“Workbook” – Learn what it takes to become a dog trainer, career options, getting your business started, dog trainer dictionary, problem solving.

“Leader of the Pack” Book

“When Friendly Dogs Bite” Book

Training Equipment


The tuition for the Dog Trainer Home Correspondence Course is only $795 plus $30 shipping within the USA. There will be additional shipping charge for countries outside the USA.

For more information or to sign up for our Dog Trainer Home Correspondence Course you may email or call Nancy Baer 425-345-6262

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