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A.C.E. Dog Training Memberships

Not sure if your dog needs training? Check out the warning signs.
Warning Signs
  1. Putting their mouth on people’s hands, clothes, legs etc. even in play
  2. Growling, snapping or baring teeth
  3. Biting
  4. Possessive over items or people: Guarding toys, food, owners, sleeping space or anything a dog has stolen
  5. Bursting through doors
  6. Running away. Not coming when called
  7. Chasing kids, bikes, joggers, etc.
  8. Showing overall lack of respect to owners
  9. Stealing items and running away with stolen item
  10. Out of control when taken on walks
  11. Uncontrollably jumping on people

Group Training Memberships

  • Unlimited Classes. Attend As Many Classes As You Like
  • Start Attending Anytime. No Waiting For Series To Start
  • Theme Classes To Make Exercises & Learning Fun

A Canine Experience is changing our group training classes to a unique, more efficient format. Our new “memberships” will incorporate private training to build a basic foundation and focus on your individual needs with your dog. Once we’ve accomplished our initial goals, you will be invited to participate in Group Trainings. The group classes will focus on fun, practical exercises and games to improve you and your dog’s skills, help cope with distractions, improve focus and make training fun.

With this style of training, members can begin at any time, no waiting for the next series of classes to come around. No need to worry about making up a missed class, there are plenty of opportunities to come practice. You are welcome to come to all the available classes during your membership.

All group class participants must complete a minimum of 2 Private Lessons or our Boarding and Training Program prior to attending group classes. Private Lessons are flexible and will be scheduled individually. Appointments are available days and evenings Mondays-Saturdays beginning immediately. An Evaluation Questionnaire needs to be completed and returned to A Canine Experience prior to the first Private Lesson. 

Membership gives you access to all group classes and special events. We will plan themes for some classes, such as foundational agility exercises, beginning scent work or tricks. Days, times and theme nights are subject to change quarterly. See calendar at for most current information and upcoming theme nights.

Group Classes offered beginning January 22nd, 2018*

Mondays 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm 

Wednesdays 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Saturdays 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm  

*Schedule your first private lesson now to be ready for group class on January 22nd.

Boarding and Training Program: $980

Includes Behavioral Evaluation, 2 weeks Boarding and Training, “Lead or Be Led” book, 1 Private Go-Home Lesson, 1 Private Follow-Up Lesson, 1 month Group Class Membership and *Beyond Board and Train Group Class Membership pricing.

*Beyond Board and Train Membership:     

6 Months Group Class Membership - $500

Additional Consecutive Months - $100/month

*Must immediately succeed the Board and Train Program

Premiere Membership:

$650 for six months - Includes 2 Private Lessons, “Lead or Be Led” book and 6 Month Group Class Membership          

Additional 6 Months - $500 

Monthly Membership: 

$300 - 2 Private Lessons, “Lead or Be Led” book and 1 Month Group Class Membership          

Additional Consecutive Months - $150/month

Private Lessons:

At our facility $75

Off-Site $125-$150

NEW Group Training Memberships!

  • Unlimited Classes. Attend As Many Classes As You Like
  • Start Attending Anytime. No Waiting For Series To Start
  • Theme Classes To Make Exercises & Learning Fun


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