Proper Dog Etiquette


Many people and their dogs get into trouble because they don’t understand dog behavior. Follow the steps below to protect yourselves when around other dogs.
  • Get control of your dog before you reach another dog or person. Use obedience commands to maintain control
  • Ask before allowing your dog to approach another dog
  • If a dog is lying down, walk your dog in a wide circle around it. Place yourself between the two dogs
  • If your dog is lying down in a crowded area, move it to a quieter place
  • If your dog doesn’t like the strange dogs or people near it, say so before they get too close
  • Never allow your dog to jump on people
  • Teach your dog to sit to be petted, and instruct people not to pet the dog until it is sitting
  • Always be careful when getting small dogs around medium or large dogs
  • Leave sleeping dogs alone
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